application tips for RootsMagic and Family Tree Maker genealogy software
This tip easily generates a line of descent report for use in your Mayflower preleminary application review. It has been tested with RootsMagic version 7.5.5 genealogy software and is likly to work with earilier versions also. It is unlikly to work in the free version of RootsMagic.

 1. Open your RootsMagic program.
 2.  On your top toolbar select REPORTS and go down to CHARTS.
 3. On CHARTS, move right and select RELATIONSHIP CHART. 
 4. In the window that appears, select your Mayflower ancestor for the START PERSON.
 5. Select yourself for the second person.
 6. Click GENERATE REPORT and the report should appear.
 7. Either PRINT the report or SAVE as a PDF. Saving as RTF does not produce a correct RTF.
 8. This is the information to enter in the preleminary application review. The name with the + is the married to person. The name with horizontal portion of a line pointing to it is the son/daughter.
 9. An alternitive to writting or typing into the preleminary application form is to save the report as a PDF and open the PDF. You likly will be able to highlight a name, copy, and paste it into our Excel version of the application.
 10. At final application time, check all FACTS except divorice and you will have the facts for your final application. Your will need to add your source references for each fact to the application.
Family TreeMaker
This tip easily generates a line of descent report for use in your Mayflower preleminary application review. A report for direct line decendents was available in many Family TreeMaker editions prior to version 2010. It was called Outline Decendent Report to a Specefic 2nd Individual. In version 2011 or 2012 it was brought back as the Line of Decency Report.  There are too many versions to try to detail the specific steps to generate the report for every version, but this can be uses as a guide. Follow these steps below for Family Tree Maker 2019.

1. In the PEOPLE tab, use TREE or INDEX to go to your Mayflower ancestor and
highlight them.
2. Click the PUBLISH tab.
3. If COLLECTION is not selected on the left and PUBLICATION TYPES not showing on the left, you probably have DETAIL selected and need to click COLLECTION.
5. About seven types of reports should be visiable in the center window when RELATIONSHIP REPORTS is selected.
7. Double click OUTLINE DESCENDANT REPORT or single click and then click Create Report on the right.
8. If the default report title does not have your Mayflower ancestor, go back to step #1.
9. Immediately under the heading OUTLINE DESCENDANT REPORT OPTIONS is an options icon simular to an elevator button. You probably will not need to make changes here and skip it.
10. In the main options panel, GENERATIONS should at least 25.
11. In the DESCENDANTS drop down box, select yourself or whoever you are doing this for.
12. The report title should say from (your Mayflower ancestor) to (you).
13. STARTING NO. needs to be 1 (one).
14. Change Indentation Character to an UNDERSCORE (_) for more visiability.
15. Set Insert to 2 (two). You can experiment with these two setings if you like and see the preview on the left as you do.
16. BLANK LINES 0 (zero).
17. Yes, include generation number.
18. Yes, include spouses.
19. NO, do not include B-D
20. Preparer information prints the program's registered user information on the last page. Not needed for this.
21. Click GENERATE REPORT and it will appear or refresh in the preview window.
22. Click the SAVE REPORT icon under the heading OUTLINE DESCENDANT REPORT OPTIONS and save your report in FTM.
22. Click the PRINT icon in the top right.
23. Printing to your paper printer can and probably should be done. However, our goal is to get this information into a form that can be copied and pasted to save typing and typographical errors on your applications.
24. Print to OneNote, Microsoft or other PDF, or print to file. Write down the file name and open the file.
25. Open the PRELIMINARY APPLICATION REVIEW FORM & instructions in fillable offline form PDF  from here or the prospective members web page.
26. Copy and paste the needed information from the file you just made to this for. Only names are needed on this form. Number 1 is the generation number 1 from the report you just made. You are the last generation number. If any spouses you are not directly decended from appear, ignore them. There can be blanks for unknown spouses but not gaps in known generations of descent.
27. The date and location information that was not used yet will be useful when filling out the final application. Don't loose your file name and you won't have to create the report again.
28. If your ancestors intermarried, you may have more than one set of generation numbers and ancestors between you and your Mayflower passenger. Only put one descendancy path on a preliminary application review form. You may use the other path if the first looks too dificult to prove or is rejected. The Iowa Society Historian can give you more guidence.