application tips for RootsMagic genealogy software
This tip easily generates a line of descent report for use in your Mayflower preleminary application review. It has been tested with RootsMagic version 7.5.5 genealogy software and is likly to work with earilier versions also. It is unlikly to work in the free version of RootsMagic.
 1. Open your RootsMagic program.
 2.  On your top toolbar select REPORTS and go down to CHARTS.
 3. On CHARTS, move right and select BOX CHARTS. 
 4. In the window that appears, select your Mayflower ancestor for the START PERSON.
 5. Chart type should be DECENDENTS and enter a large number such as 16 into NUMBER OF GENERATIONS.
 7. Uncheck everything under FACTS. Photos should be unchecked.
 8. Click GENERATE REPORT and the report should appear.
 9. Either PRINT the report or SAVE as a PDF. Saving as RTF does not produce a correct RTF.
 10. This is the information to enter in the preleminary application review. The name with the + is the married to person. The name with horizontal portion of a line pointing to it is the son/daughter.
 11. An alternitive to writting or typing into the preleminary application form is to save the report as a PDF and open the PDF. You likly will be able to highlight a name, copy, and paste it into our Excel version of the application.
 12. At final application time, check all FACTS except divorice and you will have the facts for your final application. Your will need to add your source references for each fact to the application.

application tips for Family TreeMaker genealogy software
A report for direct line decendents was available in many Family TreeMaker editions prior to version 2010. It was called Outline Decendent Report to a Specefic 2nd Individual. In version 2011 or 2012 it was brought back as the Line of Decency Report.  There are too many versions to try to detail the specific steps to generate the report.