Iowa Society
of Mayflower Descendants

Anyone who can document his or her direct lineage from one of the Mayflower passengers who landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 is eligible for membership. Some historians believe that a many as 30 million people living today are descended from a Mayflower passenger. One need not be a resident of Iowa to join the Iowa Society (chapter). Members of any state society are automatically members of the national General Society of Mayflower Descendents. All prospective members must apply through a state chapter, such as the Iowa Society.

Direct decent excludes non-direct ancestors such as step-parents, aunts or uncles and adopted children. The line of decent does not have to always have been in America. For example, some Mayflower passengers did not bring all their children with them on the Mayflower voyage, but the children are still direct descendants that qualify.

Membership will normally require some real genealogy to prove your decent from a Mayflower 1620 passenger. The good news is that some and indeed most of the work may have already done for you.

The first 5 generations of most Mayflower passengers are documented by the society in “silver books”. These are available in some libraries and on-line at: https://www.americanancestors.org/search/databasesearch/2728/mayflower-families-fifth-generation-descendants-1700-1880

The next major research assistance is the previously proven decedent lines in the Iowa files and General Society (national files). These may prove part or nearly all of your decent line. Some are not so lucky and need to prove all the generations after the first 5 or 6. If you know, or suspect, that a relative has previously been approved for membership; indicate that on your preliminary application.

Filling out our preliminary application is a great first step and there is no charge when done through the Iowa Mayflower Society. There is no magic search that we can insert your name into and find your Mayflower ancestors. The final application will need to include birth, marriage, and death dates as far as can be found including documentation to accepted genealogical standards.   

All persons over eighteen years of age who are descended from a passenger on the Mayflower in 1620 shall be eligible for regular membership in the Mayflower Society. For a list of passengers with known descendants CLICK HERE.



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