Iowa Society
Of Mayflower Descendants


preliminary application review: NO Fee for a linage review query conducted by us to join the Iowa Mayflower Society.  There will be a fee if you submit a review directly to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants instead of the Iowa Society. The application fee later applies in either case.

application fee: $175, which include the application fees; and the next calendar year Iowa and General Society dues after approval. This is paid after the preliminary application review is completed and when the full application is reviewed and submitted by the Iowa Historian to the General Society for final review and acceptance. It is non-refundable.

supplemental applications: $125 per supplemental application. A previously approved member may submit another application for a different Mayflower passenger or different line of descent. These both called supplemental applications and full General Society certificates are given. The same approval process is needed. There are no additional dues.

annual dues: $45 per year per person for 2023. Yearly dues are on a calendar year basis and always due before December 31st for the upcoming year. For example, a $5 re-instatement fee is charged if 2023 dues are paid after December 31st, 2022. Dues includes both General Society and Iowa Society dues. Everyone must be a member of a state society to be a member of the General Society Of Mayflower Descendants. General Society membership is automatic and included with state society membership. For new members, the remaining partial calendar year after GSMD approval and the next full calendar year of membership are included in the application fee. Active duty members of the armed forces are excused from yearly dues when we are notified before December 31st of the previous year. Members of the Iowa Society for 50 or more years are excused from yearly dues.

junior members:  Any member in good standing in the Iowa Society may make application for a junior membership on behalf of any person under eighteen (18) years of age who has prima facie proved lineage. (“Prima facie proven lineage” shall mean that the junior, whose membership is being offered, is related to a present or past member of the Society, by blood, through the line through which such member was approved by the General Mayflower Society. There is a one time fee of $15. Between the age of 18 and 25, junior members may become regular members at a reduced fee.

Friends of the Iowa Mayflower Society: Family members (spouses, parents, grandparents, step-children, adopted children and half siblings) of the Iowa Society may make application to be a Friend of the Iowa Society.